North Country Trail Services

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Serving the North Country Trail
From Ironwood to St. Ignace!
May 1 – October 13

Take advantage of the expertise!
Owner, Thomas Funke, is author of
50 Hikes on the North Country Trail, and,
50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


We offer three types of services: Advice, Regularly Scheduled Shuttle,& “Uber”

1) Advice
(we call this our “Budget NCT Package”)

If you don’t need our assistance with transportation (loop hikers, out and back hikers, two car spotters, or other alternative transportation) you can tap into our knowledge about the trail. For $39.95, you will receive a copy of “50 Hikes on the North Country Trail” & “50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula”. And, you can contact us anytime and as many times as you wish for advice and counsel on your hike.

2) Park to Park

Muskellunge State Park to Tahquamenon State Park
Memorial Day to Labor Day
Must register at least 7 days in advance to receive this rate!


Park to Park must be arranged over the phone more than 7 days in advance to qualify for this rate.
Less than 7 days or shuttle backs are $129 for two + $25 each additional person.

Register for the above ONLINE or call us

3) Regular Service

Contact us about service between Tahquamenon & St. Ignace, Munising and Marquette.
$129 for two persons, $25 each additional person. Must be scheduled 7 days in advance.

Contact Us for service between Tahquamenon & St. Ignace; Munising to Marquette. 
You can register online for service between Grand Marais and Tahquamenon

4)Brokered rides with LYFT drivers

We can broker a ride between your group and the Upper Peninsula Lyft network. We will do this when 1) You Cannot conform to our schedule or 2)Your need shuttle service between Ironwood & Marquette,

We will work with you to choose a pick up time, date, and location on your schedule.

Cost are normal LYFT fees, brokerage fees, and driver incentives.

Contact us  for information
Arrangements are to be made and paid for 7 days in advance.

Important note: this shuttle does not make stops inside Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore!  In fact, we man bypass the park entirely to save drive time to points east and west! If you are hiking the entire North Country Trail in Pictured Rocks,  or, any segment within, you need our Pictured Rocks Shuttle

We will stick to paved roads only between May 1 & when the local county road commission gives us the “all clear” to drive any unpaved roads.

You’ve been planning this trip for months, don’t wait until the last second to make your transportation arrangements!
Less than 24 hours, CALL US

  In addition, did you know you could utilize the Indian Trails bus line to set yourself up on a long hike?

The North Country Trail is within close proximity to the following bus stops:

Battle Creek (1/4 mile)
Rockford (on the trail)
Manton (6 miles)
Petoskey (on the trail)
St. Ignace (1/4 mile)
Marquette (1 1/4 mile)
Ironwood (4 mile)

Calling after your hike? Day of your hike? Prepare to grovel.

Calling with less than required notice? Call us, we’ll do our best. But don’t expect our posted rate.
And maybe you should read this    1.386.CARSPOT