Pictured Rocks

Upper Peninsula Outfitters is a division of Trailspotters and both are owned by Thomas Funke,  Author of 50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and 50 Hikes on the North Country Trail.

We are a Full Service Outfitter. 

Trailspotters & Upper Peninsula Outfitters are FULL SERVICE outfitting companies. We know the trail. We’ve hiked the trail. Heck, we wrote the book on the trail. (Actually, two books. But whose counting?). Trailspotters will have your back, help you plan your trip, and give you accurate and correct answers about the area. Click to learn more about why we are the company to hire.

Many of our customers just want plain ‘ol shuttle service without any of the frills that come with using a full service outfitter. That’s cool with us.

However, new this year we are prioritizing our shuttle services for those who utilize one of our many outfitting services. For example, if you utilize one of our several lodging options, DeLorme Inreach, Carpspotting, etc., you’ll be able to take advantage of signing up for our shuttles well in advance.

If you only need a shuttle, that’s cool, too. We will add “shuttle only” options as we book those who take advantage of our outfitting services. Otherwise, you could book the entire shuttle for your group by purchasing all six spots on a particular date & time.

Check out our packages!


Lodge                  Cottage              Outfitter Tents

Hotels in Munsing & Grand Marais run $100-300 a night. Sleeping in your car isn’t very comfortable or kosher with the locals. Why not come up and stay with us? We are less than an hour from either end of the park! Stay with us and we will shuttle you the following morning. Prices include shuttle.

We own and operate two vacation rentals. Our Cottage has two bedrooms (sleeps 6-10) and our Lodge has three bedrooms (sleeps 8-10).We will determine which house you group will occupy based on reservations, size of your group, and your prefered sleeping arrangements.  Cost is $149 for first two persons, $50 for each addtional person.
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We utilize a large outfitter tent with cots & camp kitchen for our cost conscious customers. For $29 a person, you get our basic accomodations. This is a hostel set up, so, you may be sharing with others of both sexes. There is access to hot water, shower, indoor toilet.
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Your group can rent their own tent, sleeps up to 6 persons. There is access to hot water, shower, indoor toilet. $129  night.
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Can’t take a shuttle? Short on time? Large group? Here are some creative ways to support your logistics!
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For those who cannot abide by our schedule and need to hike first then get shuttled after your hike, this option is for you. You place a $300 deposit and tell us the date, time, and trailhead where we are to find you. If you make it to the date, time, and trailhead you tell us, we will refund back the difference between your deposit and what the actual cost is for the shuttle.
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For groups of 7 and larger, we can move your vehicles from where you start your hike and where you will end your hike. You will stop by our Headquarters in Germfask and drop off a spare set of keys. Cost is $149 for the first vehicle, $99 for each additional vehicle. Great for those on their  own schedule/cannot conform to our schedule. Click here for more information & to make a reservation

Sea Kayaks
We can spot your vehicle, shuttle your passengers, and/or move your vessels and gear. Contact us for more information.


Have a nervous relative back home worried about your well being? Need to stay in communications with someone back home? Have a nagging injury that may prevent you from finishing? Need some gear? Check out these options!

Rent a DeLorme InReach to communicate with friends and family or to hail Search and Rescue if an emergency arises. $49 covers 4 days. Each additional day is $9 plus data charges.
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$49 policy will cover your costs in case you need to have us come and get you from the trail, no questions asked.
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Do you need to end your hike early? Trailspotters customers $129; all others $199. We will come and get you as soon as staff and vehicles allow. This service is not guaranteed for those without Trailspotters Rescue Insurance.
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We can outfit you and your group with backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and all necessary equipment. Click here for more information & to get a quote

All Packages receive a killer map of Pictured Rocks,  a signed copy of 50 Hikes on the North Country Trail, and an electronic planning package filled with information.

And yes, we offer just shuttles.


Receive signed copies of BOTH 50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula AND 50 Hikes on the North Country Trail! You will also receive a mailed planning packet which will include the park newsletter, basic park map, & killer hiking trail map & emailed an electronic planning package. You will also be signed up into our Facebook Group for customers where you can interact directly with Tom Funke, author of the two books! He will also make himself available for as many phone/email/text/FB messenger consults as you need!
$99 for first person
Each additional $25
Click here for more information, see schedules,  & to make a reservation

DIRT CHEAP Shuttle only customers will all receive the electronic planning package. Dates and times are posted in online reservation system. We will be posting more dates & times as the season progresses. We will also post dates & times as customers sign up for our packages. Cost is $14.95 person! No minimum! Click here to see schedules & to make a reservation. 

You are certainly welcome to call us the day of for a ride, before or after your hike. Whether or not we can come get you will be based on staffing & vehicle availability. Click here for more information
Call us for quote.

You can guarantee a shuttle for your group if you meet our minimum price. Call us for a quote.

We are a private company that receives no tax support. In fact, the taxes we pay support our competitor.
We appreciate you supporting a local, tax paying business.
We support our local trail community & North Country Trail