Special Note for Altran Customers

A special note for those considering using
or are current Altran Customers

Our competitor, Altran, is a heavily subsidized, tax supported county transit system. Although they offer dirt cheap shuttle service in the park, please be aware they are not a full service outfitter like us. We cannot compete with their price, which is far less than our cost. But we certainly out-compete them when it comes to everything else!

If you feel you don’t need our services and only need dirt cheap transportation, here is their link:
Altran Backpacker Transportation.
However, Altran IS NOT an outfitter. You are on your own after they drop you off. As a Trailspotters/Upper Peninsula Outfitter customer, you are our customer from the moment you make a reservation until you end your trip. If you don’t need that sense of security, great! Use Altran by all means.
But, you can take STILL use Altran AND our services! 
For example, feel free to schedule them for your ride and purchase our budget package which includes a guidebook, map, and unlimited trip planning advice.
Upgrade to our basic package, which includes dirt cheap lodging at our headquarters at Germfask. Why sleep in your car at the trailhead (which is against park rules, by the way) when you can get a good nights sleep, and a guidebook, map, and unlimited advice?





Owner wrote 2 books on hiking trails Yes Nope.
Serves Chapel Trailhead Yes. Nope. We drop you off in Melstrand in order to enjoy a seven mile road walk to the trailhead.
Answers phone, text, email, facebook 24/7 Yes. Nope. We only answer it M-F8-5; Sat8-12 and not at all on Sunday. No Facebook, No text.
$5 Trip Insurance for non-emergency rescues Yes. Ha, um. Nope.
DeLorme InReach Rental Yes. What is DeLorme InReach?
Advice & planning Yes. Call those guys at Trailspotters.
Books & Maps Yes. Free signed copy if you register more than 30 days in advance. We sell all NCT & the best map of Pictured Rocks. Maps? We aint got no stinkin’ maps.
Carspotting Yes. Carspotting? What is that?
Food and Gear Drops Yes. Is that some sort of medicine? Or candy?
Gear Rental Yes. Nope.
Lodging Yes. You ain’t sleeping in our bus.
Taxes We pay them. We spend them.
Cost. Yes, we may cost more. You get what you pay for.

Nearly daily during the summer, we receive requests from Altran customers needing a rescue, for a variety of reasons like bad bugs, weather, injury, death in family, etc.  We provide rescues to our customers, most of which purchased a trip insurance policy from us.
Our customers get free* rescues. Altran customers do not, and costs to Altran customers will vary between $75 and $300, depending on the situation.
Remember, I am the Author of 50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula & 50 Hikes on the North Country Trail. I know a thing or two about the area and I’m glad to share. Don’t be surprised if you call Altran and they tell you to call me!
386.227.7768  trailspotters@gmail.com


* Our customers can take out a $5 trip insurance policy which will cover the costs of a non-emergency rescue. Even if our customers don’t take out a policy, we will always go and fetch them. Sometimes, they get lucky and can hop onto an already running shuttle and there is no charge. Even if we have to make a special trip, any out of pocket costs to our customers end up as a credit on their account, which they can use towards any of our services in the future, and, it does not expire.

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