Rent a DeLorme InReach


Rent a DeLorme InReach


We rent DeLorme InReach, a device that communicates via satellite.

Here is how it works:

When you sign up for a rental only, it does not include trip insurance. You are welcome to communicate with us, however, any requests for rescue must be made through the device and you are responsible for all costs. Don’t take a trip to Borneo, piss off the locals, and expect us to bail you out.

When you rent a device, we will ship it UPS Ground to you. Which means we need at least 5 business days notice. None of this last second crap, ok? We will send it in a practically indestructible container with a return shipping label.

What does it cost? 

Cost is $35 + $9 a day, including days in transit. You may send an unlimited number of pre-programed messages. You will may billed $0.25 for every non-emergency message sent if you go above our pre-set data limits. Add ons include linking it to your Facebook and/or Twitter account ($25 for each), and sending out a position locator as often as every ten minutes ($0.25 a ping). Postage will be between $8-40 depending on where you live and how fast you want us to ship it.

How to sign up:

When making an online reservation, select the dates you’ll be using the communicator, and, the dates it will be in transit.  Then click “Rent a Satellite Communicator” for each date selected. Click submit, and, follow the prompts.

Where do I pick this thing up?

We will ship this UPS ground to you.

Where do I return thing thing?

Mail it back to 819 N. Michigan, Hastings, MI 49058. You are responsible for its return. Take out an insurance policy for a few bucks as these things cost about $500 new.

You are responsible for any costs incurred by activating the SOS button.  Although, most SAR do not charge for rescues unless you do something really, really stupid and expensive.