Hugh Heward Challenge

April 29, 2019

Trailspotters will provide spotting services on Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning

What is spotting? You will leave your gear at the put-in with a trusted person. You then drive your vehicle to the take out in Portland. We will meet you there, you load into our van, and we bring you back to the put in. You float to Portland and lo and behold, there is your vehicle!
Spotting is very “Green”. You save time, money, gas, and you are not relying on a second vehicle and a second person to pick you up.We have saved many marriages by convincing you not to conscript a spouse to track you down.
Shuttle Pick up Times & Locations for entire HUGH HEWARD
(we bring you back to Dimondale).
Cost:  $20 through April 27; Walk up/after April 27 $25 person

FYI: Lyft and UBER will charge $36-64 and that’s BEFORE surge pricing!    

Friday. Portland @Thompson Park 4:30PM
Friday Portland @Thompson Park 6:00PM
Friday, Portland @Thompson Park 7:30PM
Friday,  Portland @ Thompson Park 9:00PM

Walkups welcome, first come, first served. Guarantee your spot by calling and pre-paying.
The cops didn’t like it when I strapped Charlie Parmalee to the roof last year.

Shuttle Pick up Times and Locations for QUARTER AND HALF HUGH
(Fitzgerald Park to Portland…we bring you back to Grand Ledge or Charlotte Bridge).
Cost: $15 through April 27;  Walk up/after April 27

Saturday, Portland Thompson Park 7:00AM
Saturday, Portland Thompson Park 8:00AM
Saturday,  Portland Thompson Park 9:00AM
Saturday,  Portland Thompson Park 10:00AM
Saturday, Portland Thompson Park 11:00AM
Walkups welcome, first come, first served. Guarantee your spot by calling and pre-paying.
No one wants to see three grandmothers wrestle over the last spot in the van.
 Questions or or to make a reservation over the phone call 386.227.7768
email questions to
There will be no after event shuttle this year. Unless someone wants to purchase our services for the day. If so, contact us.

Click here to register
or call 386.227.7768