I am my own boss

Well, I finally did it. 

I stepped down from my full time job to pursue my writing & outfitting businesses full time.

Such a decision was not taken lightly, and, was years in the making. 

I have leveraged a career and income opportunity using my 50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula book (you do have a copy, right?). It all started with the Tahqua Trekker at Tahquameon. My wife and I, while at Tahquamenion, had a couple of people bum rides off of us. Upon calling the park manager, we found out there was no shuttle service. That was in 2007. 

In 2010, we started the Pictured Rocks Shuttle Service. We also contracted with another vendor to run shuttles on the Kal-Haven Trail. The Kal-Haven Trail shuttle shut down temporarilly as we were competing directly against the county bus, which was charging $3 a ride. They have stepped aside and we will be resuming shuttles shortly. 

At Pictured Rocks, we still compete directly against the county transit system, although, we clearly offer a better service with more routes, flexibility, and knowledge of the trail. Hopefully, they will step aside like they did on the Kal-Haven but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

In 2014, we opened Fort Custer Outfitters, operating as the state park concession at Fort Custer Recreation Area. We offer rentals and food service, but will be moving into programs, tours, trips, retail, and gear rental. 

So, you can probably see why I cannot work a full time job!