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Lyft? In the Upper Peninsula?
Why, yes. 

But don’t expect to hail a Lyft driver when you show up at some remote trailhead.
Mostly, cell phone signal stinks.

Trailspotters can broker for you a guaranteed Lyft will show up with advance planning
(more than 48 hours notice).

We can also attempt to broker a deal with a Lyft driver if you show up at the last second and need a ride. No guarantees. Best to plan ahead and make a reservation. But we will still try.

You see, most of our employees are also Lyft Drivers. If you plan ahead, and, Lyft makes the most sense, we will broker between you and the Lyft driver.

At a future date, you will be able to pre-register with us a Lyft by signing up on our online reservation system. You will find that using Lyft is probably going to be about the same price as using our regularly scheduled shuttle. We collect your fees ahead of time plus a $35 membership fee to Trailspotters. We also reserve the right to charge for “deadhead” miles, those are the miles it takes to drive to your pick up point, and, from the drop off point back to the driver’s home. Deadhead miles are charged at a flat rate of $25 for over 30 miles, and, it can be charged at the beginning and end of your trip. If you start doing the math, yeah, it makes more sense not to wait until the last second to arrange for a ride. But we can do it if someone is available.

We use Lyft for those customers that are at a trailhead and need a ride right now, or, those that call us after noon the day before they need service, and, cannot do a “carspot”.

When this service becomes available, you’ll see a link right here. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for information.