Kalamazoo River


Paddling the Kalamazoo River is by advance, pre-paid reservatrion

Sorry, no walk ups or day of registrants at this time. image

To keep prices low, we have established dates & times for the following stretches of river.
You must make a reservation in advance, no later than 500PM the day before. Sorry, no walk ups at this time.

If you are a large group needing 8+ vessles, we may be able to go off schedule. Contact us at least two weeks in advance with your needs and we’ll see what we can do.  We can also put groups on other stretches of the Kalamazoo River other than those listed below. Contact us! 

Fort Custer Recreation Area to Galesburg
Family Friendly. 1.5 – 2.5 hrs. Mostly shallow, no obstructions.
Saturday and Sunday: Meet Shuttle at 830 AM in Galesburg
Wednesday and Thursday: Meet Shuttle at 430PM in Galesburg.
Launch at 900AM Sat Sun/500PM Wed Thurs at Fort Custer
$15 kids kayak / $25 adult single kayak / $39 canoe / $39 Tandem kayak
Minimum charge of $50 if you are solo and no other participants.
Helmer Road to Fort Custer Recreation Area
Sat and Sun: Meet shuttle at Fort Custer at 915AM
Wed and Thurs: Meet Shuttle at Fort Custer 515PM
Sat and Sun: Launch at 930-1030AM
Wed and Thurs: Launch 530-630PM
4-6 hours
In addition to above segment, there is a submerged pipe to pass over. It is knee deep if you have to get out of your vessel. Otherwise, in deeper water, you’ll go right over it.
Great for those wanting a longer day and wildlife lovers!
$25 kids kayak/$35 adult single kayak/$50 canoe/$50 tandem kayak

Minimum charge is $100 if you are solo and there are no other participants.


By advance, pre-paid reservation only
Reservations are to be made by 500PM the day before service.
386.227.7768 x4

 The farther out you call us for arrangements, the more likely we will have staff & vessels available.

 Included in price: Vessels, PFDs, paddles, one person rides free on shuttle, additional persons $5 each.
Operating May-October



Kalamazoo River Spotting Service

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Have your own vessel and need Shuttle Service on Kalamazoo River?
We operate between Augusta and Bailey Park in Battle Creek
Piggyback on our regular scheduled run for $25 per vessel/person.

All other stretches of river $1.68 mile + $5 person & $5 vessel. Minimum $50

U Pick up and bring back vessels:
$50 Full Day kayak/$75 Canoe (24 hours)

 Trailer of 10 kayaks delivered:
$1.25 mile + $600 (24 hour rental)


We reserve the right to cancel & refund your money, or, reschedule (your option) due to inclement weather or high water levels.
Click here for current water levels on the Kalamazoo River.
Water level MUST be below 1000 cu.ft/sec AND 4.00 ft. AND falling/steady for the livery to run
Click here for severe weather alerts.
We do not launch under Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Watches or Warnings, or, if the forcast puts us in a risk area for such weather.

For all other service on the Kalamazoo or its tributaries between Albion and Lake Michigan 
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