Make a Reservation


Make a reservation
You can either call us at 386.227.7768 or make an online reservation!

Below is a visual guide to making an online reservation for Pictured Rocks Shuttles between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Click here and our online reservation system will open up in a separate window. 


1) FIRST PAGE: When the system opens up, click NEW USER

2) SECOND PAGE (Below): Click “Show All” then choose your date. Click “Continue” when done.



Third Page (below, showing Pictured Rocks as an example)
You are making a GROUP reservation. You are registering an entire group, not individuals

Fourth Page: Group leader info & trailhead info


Page 5: Summary of what is in your cart.

DO NOT CLICK “GO” next to “Add a new camper”. You are making a group reservation. If  you need to add more, click “EDIT”.



Page 6: Payment info

Online account info & billing information should auto-fill
Payment information either click “E-check” or “Credit card” and a small window will open asking you to fill in your info.
Waiver: Read the waiver!

Click “Continue”

Page 7:  Confirmation

This page indicates payment has been made and an email has been sent. If you see any discrepencies on the email, contact us immediately!
In addition, a confirmation booklet is attached with valuable information,