Make a Reservation


Make a reservation

But first, some things you really need to know. Don’t just scroll by this stuff, I hate saying “Didn’t you read the stuff on the reservation page?” But, if you do whiz by this stuff, it will end up in your confirmation anyway. So, if you could, familiarize yourself with our refund & exchange policies so we are on the same page. Thanks!

Helpful Hints

  • When making most reservations, we need to know where to pick you up. We’ll drop you off anywhere in the service area. It’s most important to us, and probably to you, that we find you.
  • Typically, you’ll just tell the driver where you need to be dropped off. I know you are dying to tell us but no need.
  • Make absolutely positively sure of the name and location of your trailheads. Boy, do I have stories.

Trailspotters Refund Policy:

  • Consider getting Trip Insurance and/or Trip Cancellation Insurance. Ask your insurance agent.
  • The shuttle runs rain or shine. As the saying goes, “”There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.””
  • Refunds are not offered for conflicts in your schedule, no shows, late shows, if it rains, if it looks like it is going to rain, too hot, too humid, too many bugs, stars not aligning correctly, you overslept, you forgot, or, if you get tickets to a Jason Beiber concert.
  • We will reschedule/offer a credit if you are using a WATERTRAIL if there is a tornado or severe thunderstorm watch AND you chose not to float.
  • Refunds only given if a) using a WATERTRAIL and a Tornado Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, or any sort of Flood Advisory is issued for the stretch of river you were planning on using.
  • Otherwise, we’ll offer a full refund up to 14 days before your trip.
  • Between 4-13  days, we’ll offer a refund if we find someone to take your place. Otherwise, 100% credit for future service.
  • Less than 4 days before service to noon the day before service, if we find someone to take your place, refund minus $10. Otherwise, credit minus $10.
  • No refunds and we’ll bill you $100 if you are a no show with no notification or if the shuttle has already started for the day.

Missed Connection 

  • It happens. We’ll leave a message on the nearest bulletin board with instructions.
  • You will forfeit your original reservation fees and be subject to what we call a “rescue fee”. If you agree to this fee, we will come and pick you up.
  • Don’t sweat it, we’ll probably have several options.

Exchange Policy
We are glad to move your reservation with 14 days advance notice with no charges or fees.
Less than 14 days to 24 hours notice we will move you at no charge EXCEPT if the shuttle was full, you will forfeit your original fees if we cannot find someone to take your place.
Less than 24 hours, you will forfeit your original fees and pay any new fees

Exchanges are subject to losing any discounts we may have given. Don’t sign up for the ” $5 super saver” then later move it to an international trip. Well, ok, you probably won’t try that, but, you get the idea.

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2) Call US!