Schedule a Shuttle Back to Your Vehicle


For those who cannot abide by our schedule and need to hike first then get shuttled after your hike, this option is for you. You place a $300 deposit and tell us the date, time, and trailhead where we are to find you. If you make it to the date, time, and trailhead you tell us, we will refund back the difference between your deposit and what the regular posted price is. 

We’ll be honest, we don’t like this option. But, we understand that this is sometimes the best option for some of our customers. Since we schedule our staff, vehicles, and equipment around our advance reservations, it is imperative that you abide by the date, time, and trailhead you tell us.

If you make it, great! Your costs will be no more than what others pay to be shuttled from their cars to their trailhead. If you don’t, well, that’s why we don’t like this option. In 2018, 80% of our scheduled shuttlebacks either cancelled, were no-shows, or had to move their pick up date/time/location.

There are no refunds if you cancel or do not show. We will keep the entire $300 deposit. You can alleviate this cost by taking out a Trip Interruption or Trip Cancellation Policy.  Or, take the shuttle at the beginning of your trip and hike back to your vehicle.


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