Shuttle Services in Pictured Rocks

And yes, we offer just shuttles.

We compete directly with a heavily subsidized, tax supported, county transit system. As a private business that pays taxes (that quite frankly, are used to compete directly against us), we cannot offer a full slate of dates and times at the price they offer. We’d go out of business in about three days.

What sets us apart is the level of SERVICE and EXPERTISE we offer compared to our tax supported competitor. 

We do offer shuttles cheaper than our competitor, but, they are scheduled on dates/times where we are already taking care of customers who have purchased a package. In a sense, we are subsidizing ourselves to offer as many “dirt cheap” shuttles as possible.

However, why not pay that extra few bucks to get a level of service you won’t get with our competitor? Once they drop you off, you are on your own. You are our customer from the moment you sign up until you are safely off the trail. You can call us 24/7.


Receive signed copies of BOTH 50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula AND 50 Hikes on the North Country Trail! You will also receive a mailed planning packet which will include the park newsletter, basic park map, & killer hiking trail map & emailed an electronic planning package. You will also be signed up into our Facebook Group for customers where you can interact directly with Tom Funke, author of the two books! He will also make himself available for as many phone/email/text/FB messenger consults as you need!
$99 for first person
Each additional $25
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DIRT CHEAP Shuttle only customers will all receive the electronic planning package.
Click here for more information, see schedules & to make a reservation. 

Dates and times are posted in online reservation system. We will be posting more dates & times as the season progresses. We will also post dates & times as customers sign up for our packages. Cost is $14.95 person! No minimum!

You are certainly welcome to call us the day of for a ride, before or after your hike. Whether or not we can come get you will be based on staffing & vehicle availability.
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You can guarantee a shuttle for your group if you meet our minimum price. Call us for a quote.

Need to schedule a ride back to your vehicle after your hike? Click here.