My wife says I should blog more

My Wife Says I Should Blog More

My wife and I were discussing New Year Resolutions a few weeks ago. To me, making a resolution is like making a bet: I’ll only make it if I’m 100% certain I’ll win. After informing of her of this, she suggested that I should start a Blog. My initial response is that if I blog, it is to drive traffic to the business. I do have to feed her and the child, you realize.

She then mentioned–and I don’t know why I never researched this myself–is to “monetize” the blog. Meaning, sell advertisements, put in Google Ads, hot links, etc.

Feh! I say, no one is going to read a blog with ads in it. Thing is, we all do. She asked me to go to my favorite blogger’s page. I did, and, yes, he has ads. Some were subtle, some where embedded in the article as hot links, there were graphical ads on the sides, bottom, and top of the page. I’ve been following this blog for years and although I “knew” there were ads, they were subtle and not annoying.

I guess that is my fair warning to everyone about my blog. You will see ads. I have a family to feed, bills to pay, trips to take, beer to buy. I promise no “pop ups”, those are annoying!

This also an invitation to advertise, to promote something that compliments a hike, a service to help hikers, a product they may buy.  I scoffed myself, “who will buy ads on my blog?”. Then I did some math. I have over 20,000 people following myself and my Facebook Fan Pages. TWENTY THOUSAND. I also have well over 50,000 past and current customers. I’m also moderator of several hiking and backpacking & travel forms which account for over 20,000 more people.  I have to pinch myself, I have the potential to reach nearly 100,000 people with a silly blog?

Apparently, I do. After two books (50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula & 50 Hikes on the North Country Trail) and having owned and operated Trailspotters of Michigan for over 10 years, I guess I have touched many lives. I have the potential to reach many more. I’m planning on weekly or twice weekly installments.
Maybe I’ll start a YouTube Channel next?