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Lakeshore Trail, walkingTomandJim in canoe

Paddle-Hike-Paddle the Two Hearted-North Country Trail-Tahquameon

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Upcoming Trips

Peruvian Amazon

10 day trip to the Peruvian Amazon. Geared towards teachers looking to earn continuing education or college credit

April, 2014

Price, exact dates TBD

Isle Royale

4-5 nights on Isle Royale, stay in lodge, take day trips on water taxi, day hikes.

Mid-July 2014

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Zoo Course: Africa

September 16th – October 4th, 2013

For Wildlife Professionals.

Paddle-Hike-Paddle the Two Hearted-North Country Trail-Tahquameon

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Some places we are familiar with:

Africa: Tanzaniza, Kenya, Zanzibar, South Africa

South America: Peru

North America: Florida 10,000 islands, many national parks

Michigan: Pretty much anywhere

Canoe trips, backpacking, bus tours, five star safaris, day trips, etc.