Rent a DeLorme InReach


Rent a DeLorme InReach


We rent DeLorme InReach, a device that communicates via satellite. We offer two different ways to use the device

  1. Purchase a Trip Insurance Policy (for our outfitted customers)

  2. Rent a DeLorme InReach for any earthly adventure

Details on how each work are below

Trip Insurance Details

Bad bugs? Blisters? Bad weather? Run out of beer? Trailspotters provides trip insurance in order to get you off the trail in the case of a non-medical emergency, and, will coordinate with authorities if there is a medical based emergency.

Here is how it works:

Trip insurance is included in many of our packages. For those packages it is not included, our customers can add this as an ala cart option for $9 a day.

We will provide a DeLorme  Inreach SE satelite communicator.  With the Inreach, you pair the device with your smartphone or tablet which allows you to send messages via text, social media to anyone one you want anytime you want. Or, you can use it as a stand alone device and text messages.

In the case of a non-medical emergency, you communicate via text or social media with Trailspotters. We will come and get you at no additional charge. We monitor our phone calls and texts 24/7.

In the case of a medical or more serious emergency, you will communicate with GEOS, by hitting the SOS button on the device. You will indicate the type of emergency to them and, although you can request us to come and get you, if you are not by a road accessible trailhead, or, GEOS determines local emergency rescue (SAR, USCG, etc.) is required, they will coordinate with these entities.

Rental Only Details

When you sign up for a rental only, it does not include trip insurance. You are welcome to communicate with us, however, any requests for rescue service will be based on location and availability of staff and vehicles. And don’t take a trip to Borneo, piss off the locals, and expect us to bail you out.

When you rent a device, you can either pick it up in Person in Augusta, MI, Hastings, MI, or Germfask, MI. Otherwise, we will express mail it to you. Which means we need at least 5 business days notice. None of this last second crap, ok? We will send it in a practically indestructible container with a return shipping label.

Cost is $35 + $9 a day, including days in transit. You will also be billed $0.25 for every non-emergency message sent. Add ons include linking it to your Facebook and/or Twitter account ($25 for each), and sending out a position locater as often as every ten mintues ($0.25 a ping).

Postage will be between $8-40 depending on where you live and how fast you want us to ship it.

How to sign up:

When making an online reservation, either select “Trip Insurance” along with the shuttle time you need. We’ll adjust your bill to reflect additional days in the field with the unit. Or “Rent a Satellite Communicator” and follow the prompts.

Where do I pick this thing up?

Trip insurance customers will receive the unit from their driver. Rental only customers can designate where they will pick up the unit or if they want it shipped. You are resonsible for bringing back the unit.

Where do I return thing thing?

You can either drop it off at our World Headquarters in Germfask (8042 M 77 Highway), Grand Marais Outfitters, Fort Custer Outfitters, or our warehouse in Hastings, MI.

You are responsible for any costs incurred by activating the SOS button outside of Trailspotters coming and getting you. Although, most SAR do not charge for rescues unless you do something really, really stupid and expensive.

Each day, your plan will allow you to send out 3 messages, including one message, a “status update”, to anyone to let them know you are ok.