Yooper Oooper

Yooper Ooper (uber)

Our season concluded October 25th and will resume
May 1 or when the snow clears/roads open in Pictured Rocks, whichever is second

Gail Lowe “Chosen”, took us up on our Yooper Oooper service on her 4600 mile hike in completing the North Country Trail.

We strongly encourage you to make a pre-paid, reservation for our regularly scheduled service, a charter, or one of our packages. However, we understand there may be circumstances where Yooper Ooper is your only option, for example:
  • You just finished your hike and need a ride back to your car
  • You decided the last second to hike, drove up today, just pulled your permits, and need a ride right now
  • You need to be rescued from the hike you are on and brought back to your car
  • You cannot conform to our schedule
For those planning more than 24 hours in advance, we act as a Transportation Broker. What we do is take your information (trailhead, time, & # passengers) and match you with a Lyft Driver.
For those that are making a request less than 24 hours in advance, we know what drivers are available and do our best to match you with a Lyft Driver.
Q. Why don’t I just hail a Lyft myslef? I don’t really need you, do i?
A. Well, probably you will. You see, the Upper Peninsula is a large area and there are few Lyft Drivers.  Most of our employees are Lyft Drivers and Trailspotters will broker rides between you and our Lyft Driver network. Our drivers don’t just sit around with thier Lyft AP open waiting to be pinged.
Cost:  Trailspotters membership of $35 for your first ride, $5 for each additional brokered ride.  Then Lyft fees for the ride. We ask that you tip back the 25% Lyft takes from the driver, for the convenience of the driver being available for your needs. 
Click here if it is more than 24 hours before you need a LYFT
Text 386.227.7768 if you need a LYFT RIGHT NOW.